Circling and scraping

Xavier has been back at his scrape preparation almost every time he comes in the box.  Diamond rarely does this until closer to the breeding season.

Courtship displays are also regular.  They usually stand as far apart as the box allows, with one sometimes on the ledge, usually Diamond.  Then she approaches Xavier, almost aggressively and he dances around her, so that they end up circling each other.

I hope these videos work.

video:  20170405 X and D circling X ledge

video:  20170405 X and D circling X nest

Xavier on his toes, keeping out of reach of Diamond, who can be quite handy with her beak!

Diamond’s wing seems to be fine, so let’s just hope there is no permanent damage.

I have a hectic week and have to go to Canberra Thursday to Tuesday, so will catch up when I return.  Enjoy your Easter break.

4 thoughts

  1. The videos work with Windows Media Player. They are quite short because so large (17-20 MB) but seem to be easier for people to open than what I was using before mkv format. The sounds works fine.

  2. Hahaha, I LOVE how agile and nimble Xavier is and the way he almost skips around Diamond.

    Good weekend to be in the ‘berra. National Folk Festival? I don’t suppose Canberra is any colder than Orange. Bracing!

  3. Video from Cilla

    and a special video of De Mortel, the disappearing egg

    Bev from bcaw had never seen this before, but once saw the same thing happen with a chick

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