Friday update

No sign of juveniles, but regular occupation by both male Xavier and female  Diamond, with considerable courtship behaviour.   One prey was brought into the box by Diamond, but I couldn’t identify it, just a small grey bundle.   There were a couple of flypasts, which I hoped might turn out to be juveniles, but I think it was a male, probably Xavier.

The courtship behaviour varies considerably.  In the one shown below (18/2) the birds couldn’t be further away from each other, both bent low and circling, almost dancing.

Xavier and Diamond in circle dance

VIDEO:  20170218 X and D circling


At other times, they just stand and stare at each other, sometime for several minutes.

Diamond has been using the box during the day quite a lot (but less so at night).   Here she was making some desultory effort at scrape preparation, but was clearly a bit bored with the whole affair.

This is such a chore!


Sorry, video was too big.

We do have a drop box so that I can send videos to Scott and he can turn them into youtubes, but it needs cleaning out!  Next job on the list.

Off to Sydney today, so have a great weekend everyone.


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  1. I’m no expert, Arjen, but I reckon they were Nankeen Kestrels. I don’t think hobbies are quite as “spotted” and I think the facial markings on a hobby are more “helmet” and less “teardrop”… Cilla will know, for sure, though. What lovely video! They were certainly having a nice time out there.

  2. I’ve finally found a way into the website via my laptop….no idea what’s going on with my work computer Hopefully will be fixed soon as updating the blog will be painful remotely.

    Yes, it was definitely a nankeen kestrel. Nankeen refers to the material and colour of men’s breeches in the eighteenth century (from memory). A lovely pinky brown. They have visited the box a few times over the years, but made no serious effort to take it over.

  3. Still not able to get into the website at work and even at home, I can’t start new thread, which means I can’t upload photos etc.

    And it’s a pity as, although not 100% sure, I think we had a visit from a strange male today, late this afternoon. Looked a bit like Xavier I must say, but behaviour was rather odd….looking around etc. I have some photos and will try and upload them once Scott has fixed my access, or maybe Arjen can help. Diamond appeared to chase him away, although admittedly it could have been a quick changover.

    Xavier has been spending a few nights in the box, at one time arriving at 2 am, which seems a bit odd.

    We’ve had terrific thunderstorms today, so hopefully both birds will play it safe. We need the rain, but a few days of gentle rain would be preferable to these chaotic and destructive storms – our Dubbo campus had to be evacuated today because of storms.

    All the best, Cilla

  4. How frustrating for you – thank goodness it’s not breeding season! Here’s hoping you all – birds and humans! – weather the storms ok.

  5. Just to let you know that Diamond landed yesterday evening with a clearly injured wing. Thanks to Kathy who sent Scott some images. She flew out again in the morning and returned mid-morning and hasn’t budged since. It does look slightly better this evening.

    I have to go to Sydney tomorrow but will check on her again on Monday.

    I still have no access to the website via my work computer, but am going to have a go at starting a new thread on this one so I can upload images (I’ve failed up until now, so probably not). Otherwise I’ll ask Scott to start new thread for me.

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