Juvenile visit to box

Another visit by a juvenile, seen off by Diamond, who appeared quite aggressive.  Possibly this was an intruder?  I’ll have a look around on the way home and I have my camera today:)



VIDEO  20170201 juv attempts to land


I also had a nice shot of Xavier doing a rather clumsy landing.

Not his best landing!

VIDEO:  20170131 Xavier clumsy landing


And of Xavier with a bug in the box that was clearly annoying him!

Xavier and insect

VIDEO 20170127 X and insect


I tried to load this one last week, but the website didn’t want to let me do anything.


There’s going to be an equipment upgrade soon, so there may be a break in transmission, hopefully brief.  Will let you know.

Keep cool.  Quite horrible here and no let up in sight.

Cheers  Cilla


5 thoughts

  1. I absolutely LOVE Xavier’s “clumsy” landing. He always makes me smile. Thanks as always, Arjen, for the conversion.

    Hope your heatwave comes to an end soon. Do the falcons seem affected by the heat, or is it ‘business as usual’ for them?

  2. They probably don’t like the heat, but they are pretty tough. The main problem is that the normal bird activity is very much reduced in this heat, so they are probably restricted to hunting early morning, late evening and perhaps also taking waterbirds, but of course they are not bring much back to the box at the moment so it will have to remain speculation.

    I do know that one has to be very careful banding youngsters during heatwaves as they are quite fragile when stressed.

  3. And to add: this is a fairly cool day today, but the forecast is awful: another week at least of hot weather, going up to 36 degrees C, which getting close to a ton in F, and I really don’t like it. No air conditioning either at home or work, as normally you don’t need it in a climate like ours at 8-900 m above sea level.

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