Falcons travelling in style

Some or most of you may have seen a news article spreading this week about a Saudi prince buying airline tickets for his falcons. Not just 1 or 2 but around 80 falcons took to the air in the Middle East. I’m sure Diamond and Xavier would be impressed, although a little jealous too. It’s not something you expect to see sitting next to you during a long-haul flight (unless you’re in the UAE); I wonder what happens during meal times…!

falcons on airplane
Falcons travelling in style (Reddit, stuff.co.nz, 31-Jan-17)


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  1. Costs a fortune, by all accounts, to have your falcon travelling to a ‘sporting event’ first class – and other passengers, allegedly, are sometimes unimpressed. Found this comment: “I for one as a first class traveller would be disguisted if there was a bird in this section, it is more something that belongs in the economy class seating rather than annoying myself and my friends who pay a premium for the peace and quiet in first class.” Hahahahaha! Personally, I think it would be fascinating to find yourself flying with falcons 😉

  2. Scott, I think Diamond & Xavier are not so jealous. These birds are not free to do what they want.

    Sue, almost flying with a falcon 😀 youtube.com/watch?v=p-_RHRAzUHM

    6:41 Xavier not in balance, youtu.be/-21mwHl9Iv0

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