Juvenile (almost) visit to box

One of the juveniles (probably ours judging by Xavier’s behaviour, which was not aggressive), tried to land in the box this morning in the middle of a strong rainstorm (18 ml in about an hour).  I’m going to hazard a guess and say that it is one of the females, Mell or Rubi, by the size of the wings, compared to Diamond in roughly similar position, but when I get time I’ll try and find a closer matched photo of an adult.

Juvenile attempts to land in box

20170120 juv visit in rainstorm   (there is longer version from Arjen on the previous thread).

Hopefully the youngster will stick around for a few days so I can get a better picture.

I was a bit worried about Xavier yesterday as I saw him sitting on the top of the tower, looking VERY dishevelled, feathers sticking out everywhere, but he seems to be okay today.   Perhaps a bad moult-day.  Didn’t have my camera with me.  Apologies.

Thanks so much to Arjen for posting all those videos while I was away.  Do you never sleep?

The data entry is going ahead in leaps and bounds.  Thanks so much to Christine and Sue for their help.

Now I have nearly two weeks of data to catch up on….


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  1. I’ve just checked (using CHROME or Microsoft EDGE browser, as they don’t work on Firefox). They seem to be fine. I’ve checked the playback around that time, too, and I can’t see any problems. Perhaps refresh the browser and try and again and let us know if you are still having problems.

    I went looking for the youngster without luck this morning. She may still be around as I got a (mild) warning call from Diamond in the box (Xavier was on the satellite dish) as I walked around the woodland, but I couldn’t find her. Will try again just before dusk.

  2. All is well now – not sure how long they were out for (at my end, at least!) When I got the “stream not found” message I wandered off in search of a bargain at the local markets instead.

    Those juveniles certainly are elusive! Fingers crossed for a sighting very soon.

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