Vim returns home

The box has been much busier than I expected over the last few days.  Xavier has been darting in and out looking for something….chicks? ….food?  Doomed for disappointment until today and even then he was in for a surprise….no easy pickings.   On Friday, he made 4 visits in an hour and he was in the box much of Saturday and Sunday.

Diamond was on the water tower when we came out on Saturday, but hasn’t been in the box that much.  She did bring in some prey (tiny unidentifiable morsel) on Friday and had a pas de deux with Xavier.

Some interaction for the empty nesters
Some interaction for the empty nesters


But the big surprise was the arrival of Vim in the box this morning, arriving just in time for a nice fat galah for breakfast, brought by Diamond.

Young Vim returns to his birthplace
Young Vim returns to his birthplace


He has been there all day and is on the ledge as I write having a snooze; hope he doesn’t fall backwards as I’m not confident of his night flying skills yet.   Diamond is not there as yet, but spent the night there last night, but not the night before.  Odd to see an empty box at night…

About an hour ago, Xavier arrived and tried to nick Vim’s left-overs and Vim defended his prize with some gusto.    Must clean those cameras soon!  Feeeelthy.

Vim protects his supper
Vim protects his supper


Haven’t had the chance to do anything more than a cursory search today, so haven’t seen the two girls, but will have some time tomorrow late afternoon/evening, so will keep you informed.   I did notice that Mell was no longer in the roost tree.


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  1. November 21, 2016 Shepnotes
    OK these are MY notes, therefore my opinion FWIW.
    Rubi fludged accidently still fluffy. Not ready to fly yet.
    I think the bird on the ground Cilla found and put in the tree is Rubi.

    Mell flew beautifully off over the trees. She was very sleek!
    Today the juvie who flew to the nest came from that spot.
    It may be either Mell or Vim.

    I took a FULL SCREEN shot of the juvie now in the box.
    I noted its chest – with the falcon bib outline.
    Might that be the juvie – possibly a 2015 fledge – that came right after Bula left?
    Are you going to tell me to become a mystery writer now? 🙂

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  2. I agree with Shep on the juvenile in the nest box. He might be the last year’s one that came on the day before Xavier.
    For my eyes he is not this year’s juvenile because he never sleeps flat on his belly all day and he looks less curious about the outside world.

  3. Interesting discussion on the identity of the juvenile in the box. It didn’t really look like Vim to me but I’m no expert in identification. But if it’s a prior year juvenile, would Diamond bring prey to it? That would be surprising to me.

  4. Well whoever it is, he’still there at 5.30am. I think the mucky camera lens is creating the whitish effect around the bib area whe he sits on the ledge looking inwards.

  5. You may be right re Rubi, but you’ve forgotten that she was seen several hundred metres from the box for the first two days (before Mell fledged). So she may have found her way back, but I think it’s unlikely…and she didn’t have that white down on her face.

    Vim was also seen at a half way point between the tree where he was last seen and the top of the tower (the staff canteen roof), so could well be him. However the male I photographed in the trees did appear to be a bit darker than Vim, but the bird in the box looked very young and fluffy to me. It would be a bit of a coincidence. I don’t know whether Diamond would feed a previous young. Seems very unlikely. She tolerated a youngster earlier in the season until he approached the chicks when she chased him out.

    A good argument for banding…if only. I have all the permits apart from the animal ethics’ committee.

  6. I dont think that a bird in the nestbox is the last year fledgling. This birdie is calling and crying and asking mom to bring him food… why would last year fledgling demand such services from parents if it has been independent for such long time? I think this is Vim.

  7. Oh, that’s sweet – Mum brings fresh food for the little fellow and feasts on yesterday’s leftovers herself….

  8. Our boy seems to be in no hurry to leave again. Shouldn’t he be getting some flying practice now that he’s fledged, rather than lazing around waiting for food to be delivered? (although maybe he doesn’t think he needs to practise, given his amazing flight up to the top of the tower just a day after fledging…)

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