Vim spotted

A colleague saw Vim on the hand-rail and watched him fly to a bush not far from my office, so his first flight was much shorter than I anticipated, but he’s fine.

Vim in a shrub near office
Vim in a shrub near office

I have to teach in town this afternoon, but I’ll check on him (and the others if possible) later today and tomorrow.

I’ve also attached a video of Vim and Mell, both VERY hungry, “sharing” what I think is probably a white pigeon; it’s quite funny…

20161116-vim-and-mell-sharing-sort-of 20161116-vim-and-mell-sharing-sort-of-4


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  1. Now that the others have left I reckon I’m noticing Mell’s character and quirks more easily. Her head movements are more extreme than either of the others, I think. As well as the usual head-bob she does a funny side-to-side head movement that almost looks like a dance – and it makes me laugh when she flaps like mad and then grabs a clawfull of food – as if she’s about to take a cut lunch on her journey.
    Glad Vim arrived ok. I hope he and Rubi have found each other and a safe spot to spend the night. I imagine Diamond will stay with Mell tonight – does that mean Xavier will watch over the fledgelings, or are they really ‘on their own’ now at night?

  2. I doubt if they have found each other – that usually takes a few days at least. Last sightings (today) they were 2-300 m apart.

    I’m not sure if Xavier will watch over the others – it would be pretty difficult considering their separate locations. But I’m not concerned. They are (or were at last sighting) safely off the ground.

    I’m on my way home soon, so I’ll have another look around to see if I can spot them.

    I’m propagating all morning, but can do another search tomorrow afternoon, hopefully for Madame Melliodora too! Her time is up…

  3. What a beautiful photo of Vim!! Thank you!

    November 17, 2016 Shepnotes
    Its 6.45 pm in Oz, Mell all alone, and prey scattered all over!
    6.54 hey wait – dont go tonite! .. she turns .. walks to prey .. leaves it .. back to ledge .. lol back to prey … decisions decisions! lol Mell is missin her sibs.

    Sometimes the birds remind me of a song . . so . .

    Mell is singin …. Oh lonesome Me


  4. As SUE predicted, Diamond is with Mell tonight. There was a little ill-feeling when Diamond decided to eat food that was hanging around, but Mell relented and settled down to sleep.

    2m18s VIDEO =

    Sorry about the tiny video of Vim’s fledge being Private – I’d waited so long for it to process that I forgot all about it. Here it is again, if anyone with hardly any time to spare for more informative videos would like to see the moment of fledging:

    12s VIDEO =

  5. Like last year, it’s sad that the nesting season is ending and my daily check in.

    I wish the fledglings could time it better. They always take off in my busiest week of the year. I only got to see one fledge last year, so I’m hoping Mell holds on for when I have some viewing opportunities tomorrow πŸ˜€

    Thanks Cilla and team. Great job!

    Til next time…!

  6. The fun is just beginning. The youngsters will be with us for a while yet, although they may not revisit the box, and will become harder and harder to photograph. But I’ll still keep providing updates as much as I can.

    Time for sleeps.

  7. Madame M appears to be in no hurry! She was madly flapping at about 5.20 this morning, and I thought she looked pretty keen, but has so far resisted all parental attempts to lure her out! She still seems to be pulling out quite a lot of fluffy downy stuff – and eating everything that’s left in the roost. I wondered whether Diamond’s late night larder-raid was part of a cunning plan to make sure Mell didn’t have too much stuff stashed! It was very funny to watch as Mell tried to object to having her stores raided, then gave up and lay in a rueful heap…

  8. I thought Mell seemed very distressed/agitated immediately after Vim left yesterday, though she has settled down and as Sue says, appears to be enjoying the full larder and her solitude.
    One of the things that amuses me about the eyases is the way they sleep – flat on their bellies! Usually in an untidy heap, but sometimes in a nice neat row all pointing in the same direction. One of the big adjustments of fledging must be the change to sleeping on their feet, but they are such perfectly adapted beings that they probably don’t even notice the change.

  9. Swift (our previous female, who used the box for seven seasons) used to sleep flat on her belly during the night, and often during the day too as she got older.

    Just got back from propagation, expecting M to have flown the coop, but she’s still hesitating…..despite much flapping and anxious glances and calls towards the woods and up to Diamond, who is currently on top of the tower….any minute now I reckon.

  10. And she’s off. I’ve just spotted her on the ground at the base of the tower, so I’ll go out and keep an eye on her for a bit as there are construction workers near by. IF I can catch her, I’ll put her in a tree.

  11. Mell fledged – FAST!
    November 18, 2016 at 2.10 pm Shepnotes
    CHEERS and TEARS as #3 exits the nestbox!
    I have come to suspect Mell was the 3rd hatch.
    Just my opinion. Rubi went accidently – a fludge, not a fledge.

    Mell was off like a rocket!ο»Ώ
    I had to back this video up and freeze frame it several times to get the shots!

    Xaviercopter invites Mell into the air
    He is so cute! He hovers, luring her out, then sails beautifully toward the trees


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