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  1. 1015 am. Had a good look around and, in particular, checked all the campus roads and car parks. From the direction of flight, I expect Vim to be not that far from Rubi.

    I also walked along side road where Rubi last seen and checked all the trees, but they are very thick, so it’s possible I missed her. No sign of anyone, nor any bombing, all quiet.

    I have no concerns. They chicks often do a disappearing act for several days before turning up together either in the copse below the nest or a scatter of trees in the lower paddock. The parents will know where they are. I did see both parents this morning, but I couldn’t get an indication of chick location from them.

    Met up with one of our regulars who was hoping to get a photo of Mell fledging, but I warned him that it’s a bit like watching a kettle boil.

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