It’s never too late for some action

With apologies for the late entry these are some video clips (HD with audio, taken from the surveillance server) last week at Day 34. Although we’ve begun the fledging and may not see much more of these cute eyases in the eyrie here are a few reminisces from a week ago on our YouTube channel:

Ledge camera – the three chicks enjoying the view; it’s a tough life
Ledge camera – in a feather storm while testing those wings
Nest camera – lucky we made the current eyrie strong and robust against all the youthful treatment

The fledging video clips will be up in a day or two (presuming all three actually leave!). We’ll be keeping an eye on them over the coming months while Diamond and Xavier teach them how to hunt and fend for themselves.

Peregrine chicks 34 days old
34-day old peregrine chicks, 2016

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  1. Thanks for great videos! I could not watch this cam since it was freezing every 5 seconds, but it is nice to see videos with chicks that changed so quickly. This kind of bird is a real RAPTOR, a raptor from the cradle 🙂

  2. Here is Vim’s fledge – upwards, downwards… and onwards, we pray!

    12s VIDEO =

  3. Thanks for the video & images! (Scylla, couldn’t access your video – it said “oops, sorry! Private!”)
    So now…. we wait…. and as Mell has just had a lovely big breakfast of crimson rosella (I think), we might have to wait a while!

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