Windy in the eyrie

Horrible windy day in Orange, with rain threatening.  I agree that this is not the best exit time, and the chicks seem to sense this.  Tomorrow showers are forecast, but the rest of the week looks reasonably fine.

Parents have been largely absent, with little feeding happening, just a drop-off service.   If they turn up empty handed, they get nagged.   Here one of the girls (perhaps the slightly larger, bolder female, Rubi) is giving Diamond a hard time.

A daughterly nag
A daughterly nag


Food provision has gone down a bit…a normal ploy to encourage some independence in the youngsters.   But there was a large white bird prey with pink feet that puzzled me for a bit, but I think it was a white pigeon (hopefully not someone’s loved racing bird).  Other bird prey included starling, an eastern rosella and a green bird, probably a young crimson rosella.

All birds have been very busy flapping and braving the ledge, but still like to cuddle up for a snooze together, especially after a good feed.

We did have a trip up Mount Canobolas today, but the weather was very poor, so didn’t venture to the peregrine nest, but did see a pair of wedgetail eagles, which made up for it.

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  1. I’m pretty excited … A brown gosshawk literally just flew past my 3rd storey window with a rodent looking animal in it’s claws! It was quick so didn’t get a full ID on the prey, but it had hanging down legs and a long tail. It might have been a big lizard. Just hope not one of the bandicoots that live in our green corridor. I’ve seen it 3 times before but was never sure if my eyes were playing tricks or it was one of the channel bills I see most days. I saw it purched on the neighbouring unit once and could see the bird of prey legs and colour. But still I doubted .. until now when I have seen it carrying prey. I shall have to keep a better ear/eye out now!

    November 13, 2016 shepnotes
    7 pm in Oz – 3.30 am USA
    Today that zany Xavier has been zooming in n out, as if shot from a rubber band! I have absolutely NO guesses why – unless he REALLY wants the tenants to move out! I suspect he does. He doesnt like Bula’s babies, but they are Diamond’s babies too, and will likely be gone from the box before next weekend. If Oz leaves the cam on, they may return to the box after a few days. I wonder if Diamond will keep him as her mate after her 3 young leave home.

    bevnotes from bcaw – *I combined her 2 posts
    males usually fledge between 37 to 40 days . the longer the better
    Females usually fledge between 42-46 days . the longer the better, especially for the females, because of the weight and size difference. I still maintain a perch would be nice attached to box as they could go out and flap. And of course, less chance of falling out.

    Rubi, the oldest is 40 days old so Vim the male is at least 39 days old, so he could go at any time. We like to see them to around 40 days or later. ( males)

    I would not be surprised if he goes tomorrow. (Sonday) They like to perch backwards. just as long as one of siblings does not accidentally knock one out. I would hope that a femle not go to at least Wednesday, but hey have their own minds. the female chicks always eat more as they are bigger. I have seen none go hungry. Diamond always makes sure they all get a good share during the day.

    Cilla, thank you for saying its windy. I had not noticed.
    I see something red and saw something blue another day.
    Those could be from banded pigeons.

  3. How do you know Rubi is the oldest? My understanding is that you can’t sex them until at least 15 days and even then it’s hard unless they are in the hand.

    I’ll check for bands once they have flown; there is usually one or two. Could also be feathers from crimson rosellas (red and blue).

    I’ll look into a perch or two. It’s a good idea, but may not be practical. The future of the water tower is not that secure as, although it is still in use, the university has switched to pumped water from gravity-fed, so the water tower is not actually needed any more.

  4. Hi everyone! I’m still recording but am thoroughly crestfallen at the freezy nature of my ‘reception’, why aren’t Arjen’s recordings like it too? :'( Long ago I commandeered quite a strong laptop for the job and none of my other cams are like it… So I’m leaving it up to Arjen, as s/he is so reliable – thank you, Arjen! 🙂

    It’s wonderful to see all three eyases doing so well, I’m willing them all to fledge safely.

  5. cilla says:
    14 November, 2016 at 12:13 am
    How do you know Rubi is the oldest?

    How do you know she isnt? – hehe
    That is how I think of them. No one knows.

    cilla posted…
    Food provision has gone down a bit, a normal ploy to encourage some independence

    bev said……….
    the parents will not be far away. The feeds do slow down as they get closer to fledging although at some sites , we wonder if they will ever leave home as they get fed non-stop. Like everything else, these falcons beat to their own drum.

    this is normal at this time. We cannot see outside but our adults were always perched quite close.

    and yes Shep, Xavier is trying to lure them out. He does not dislike the young, he is just not as attached as he will be next year. He is probably zooming past and showing them where to fly and land.

    I really do believe he is a good male. As I have said before, he appears young and has done what is required.
    END bev

    I hope others appreciate bev as much as I do.
    This is NOT falcon season in USA – we are lucky to have her comment! bcaw are very detailed falconistas

  6. 5.41 am Nov 14
    Xavier is busy coming to the window and leaving
    I think I see what bev is saying

    Xavier is encouring them to fledge!

    GOODNESS its windy! I see the trees really swaying!

    Australia wouldnt feel the 7.9 earthquake NZ had would it?

  7. No, we wouldn’t feel the earthquake in NZ…I don’t think they felt it on the north Island…..Mount Canobolas is just outside Orange and is an extinct volcano, but hasn’t blown for 50-60 million years and we are quite a long way from the nearest ‘hot spot’ for earthquakes. But one never knows.

    Cool and raining at home this morning (5 km from CSU)…

  8. Strange event
    November 14, 2016 Shepnotes
    Raining, windy – Mum wants to come in outta the rain.
    I think Vim attacks her. She nails him.
    Evidently chicks are hungry,

    Arjen video
    Is Mom fighting with her chick.
    I have never seen this before

  9. Hey Christie, I was all agog at that too. Absolutely brilliant the way he just hovered on the air… The pair of eyasses getting stuck into the galah was macabre though.

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