Young sensibly stay indoors

It’s been unseasonably cold and wet today, but brightening this afternoon.   Prey included a parrot, a galah and a starling but an unidentified blob that the youngsters were clearly not impressed with (spoilt!).

I had a look at the ‘incident’ this morning, but it didn’t seem to be much more than a rather over-the-top ‘nag’ after Diamond arrived empty-handed (not surprisingly, considering the weather at the time) and perhaps she put him in his place.

Vim and Diamond scrapping
Vim and Diamond scrapping

20161114-vim-and-diamond-scrap-16 20161114-vim-and-diamond-scrap-17 20161114-vim-and-diamond-scrap

Also intriguing was the flypast by Xavier.  I may have missed some of these as they were quite quick, but here is one this afternoon where X does appear to be trying to persuade the youngsters to leave.  It’s interesting as I don’t remember any of our adults, male or female, exhibiting this behaviour before.  Comments?

20161114-xavier-entices 20161114-xavier-entices-1


Off to choir.  Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. Shepnotes
    bev on bcaw says Xavier is asking young to come out n play.
    She is a falconista. She is very impressed with Xav’s flight skills.
    Maybe we should call him Hovermaster – hahaha 😀

    That fight was essentially Mum spanking her young.
    bev has seen that before.

    As I was typing, Xav-the-flash darted in n out.
    Nearly 8 pm now – Vim wont fledge today


  2. LOL! A Xav-a-copter! Freeking HILARIOUS!
    He hovers, he flies sideways, he flies backward! The ONLY person who will believe this is bev! This is too funny for words. May be the BEST video ever made of a falcon luring the young out. Xavier has flight skills beyond incredible. He even dashs inside n flashs right out. I dont think the kids liked it!

    Thank you for that video Arjen

  3. Afternoon already and I haven’t seen a meal delivered (and ive been here most of the morning ). Did I miss something or are the eyasses being starved out?. That old galah head won’t stretch much further…

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