30 days

Nice age for banding, but alas the permits were not forthcoming.

Diet has been a steady stream of young starlings plus a couple of rosellas (one crimson, one eastern I think).

Chicks seem to be healthy, well and cheeky.  Here our little male “Vim” is teasing Mum.   The video is in Microsoft Video 1 and should have sound.

Mum gets a hint
Mum gets a hint

20161103-vim-teases-mum-2 20161103-vim-teases-mum

At this age, they are rather in the ‘ugly duckling’ stage, but it won’t be long before they turn into sleek and beautiful juveniles

Soon to shed the ugly duckling look
Soon to shed the ugly duckling look

And finally, I have been very impressed with the wing-flapping ability – and how they scoot around box without hitting each other, like dodgem cars.

20161103-a-major-flap-2 20161103-a-major-flap-2 20161103-a-major-flap


Time to go.  Will be around tomorrow and this weekend to keep an eye on things

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  1. 8:30 Feeding 1, youtu.be/CkC3fKXssGY
    9:59 Feeding 2, youtu.be/VJ2h-oebPu4
    10:14 Xavier pops in, youtu.be/gE02kcYWfZA
    11:40 Feeding 3_4, youtu.be/rnb0CbPS1IE
    13:39 Xavier and flapping chick, youtu.be/QUC-kGpZ0oo
    15:37 Flapping wings, youtu.be/5pnxg9mSbUU
    19:00 Feeding 5, youtu.be/9aVCGOwZdLA

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