Changes to the camera streaming server

At present our streaming server that beams both cameras out via the CSU web pages is suffering under the load, but we’re loathe to make any major changes until after this current season’s excitement has finished. Basically, the system was just never designed for really long-duration connections. Although the streaming app is restarting every hour the server hardware itself was only rebooting once a day to try and solve any long-term hanging problems, but over the past 2-3 weeks the number of hangs has dramatically increased, so I’ve changed the schedule for the server reboot to 3 times each day – if you suddenly lose connection refresh the page after 2-3 minutes and it should come back again.  Worst case scenario now, for a dead connection, will be 8 hours instead of 24 hours renewal. I was also notified of changes to the internal CSU network domain config which has affected us as well; difficult keeping on top of these changes!

Off-season we’ll be looking at software and hardware upgrades to keep up with demand, and we’ll also be looking at new funding sources to finance the more expensive changes (on top of your kind donations, of course!). Lots to think about, but in the meantime enjoy watching these three little peregrine eyases growing up; we only have them another couple of weeks before they head outside and take that hair-raising 50-metre leap of faith!

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  1. Thank you for the explanations and update, Scott.

    Here were our perries from wake-up & get-go @ 0522hr until 0900hr.

    There was a morsel which was claimed and monopolised by one chick, then 2 breakfasts – all provided by Diamond, apparently. I haven’t caught Xavier at all, but he was probably working like a little Trojan backstage 😉

    4m34s VIDEO =

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