Major food squabble

I’ve noticed that the chicks are starting to interact with each other (apart from merely lying on each other!).  These chicks are also getting nice and feisty.  Who would have thought a starling would provoke such behaviour.

These are in MKV (not avi) format, so fingers crossed.



It's mine! It's mine
It’s mine! It’s mine

These opened fine on my computer (you will need VLC media), but no audio.  It’s all a mystery to me.

Can’t stay late tonight as I’m hosting our landcare group.    Will catch up tomorrow.

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  1. MINE! MINE!
    They have reached the ‘terrible twos’ – haha!
    After going quite a few hours without food, then having Rubi grab the entire prey – and mantle over it – the others decided food needs to be fought for.

    Sue, perhaps Arjen will blend Cilla’s video with his youtube.
    Those are easier to view!

    Evenings here are so beautiful, peaceful.
    I wish this cam could zoom down to those sheep below in the meadow.

    whoops! There’s Xavier just zoomed in!

  2. Sorry, I haven’t quite caught up yet (so many prey items to record – mostly starlings I think but some are unrecognisable lumps!), but hopefully will tomorrow evening.

    But I thought I should mention that all these ‘freezes’ that you have been experiencing are not in any way affecting my ability to watch and record all the activity. I only lose data when the software fails as it did when it was first upgraded or during power outages such as during thunderstorms.

  3. November 2, 2016 Shepnotes
    Vims feathers are growing in nicely. I see daily changes.
    He is not only smaller but feathering earlier, typical of males.
    Girls get the size, males get the earlier feathers – and usually fledge first.

    WILL you band them – when?
    Xavier-the-quick has a high adorability factor, even if he is nuts.

    😀 🙂

  4. I’ll put up a video of the ‘attack’!

    I am a licensed bird bander. So I applied for banding permission, but it was rejected by the CSU Animal Ethics Committee. The rest of the project was approved, however.

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