Gender and food shortage

I’ve been trying to line up the chicks to get a better idea of size – it can be very misleading because of the camera angles.   This one is not too bad, but the “little one” could be a bit more stooped.

2 females, 1 male ?
2 females, 1 male ?

The poor mites must be very hungry and their last feed was at 9.40 am and will be dark soon.  They did have two rosellas and a pigeon (I think) this morning, but nothing since.  Weather was cool and cloudy all day, very windy at times, with showers from about 5 pm.

Diamond did bring in a scrap of food just now.  It looked more like a scrap of rosella, rather than a very small bird.  But one of the females (I think) grabbed it for herself.  Here are some actions shots.   Hope they work.  Some are a bit fuzzy, but there’s no chance of cleaning cameras at this stage, alas.




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  1. Rubi self feeds
    October 30, 2016 Shepnotes

    7 pm GRAB MANTLE
    Di appeared with prey and one grabbed it instantly, took it to corner and mantled.
    I think its Rubi who grabbed it, she is doing well self feeding!
    Mel came after a bit and wants a bite too. TOO CUTE!

    8.30 pm No change. All 3 lay in corner together, but either Rubi ate the entire prey or laid on it. mom never interfered. Vim went hungry, I dont know if Mel got a bite or not.

    I will need to watch Arjen video – maybe using STOP motion I can tell more.
    They went at least 5 hours with no parent, no food.

    I too peg them as 2 females and a male.
    I call the little one Vim the male.
    I call the biggest greedy one Rubi

  2. Good news so far this morning! Diamond wakes up and leaves, Xavier pops in and out, and not too long afterwards Diamond arrives with medium-sized prey and chicks are fed.

    2m54s VIDEO =

    Sorry about the bright green edging, it happens when I “improve” the video clarity and this time I forgot to crop it off.

    SNAP, prey delivery:

    I think you are wonderful, Shep – I make no attempt to distinguish between the chicks, lol 😉

  3. 0740hr prey delivery – only one chick was very hungry, but they all piled in in the end and it only lasted 5 minutes.


  4. 0851hr – more breakfast!


    (Couldn’t get a better shot, dang auto-refresh – that necessary evil – kicked in.)

  5. Xavier just popped in and out, being very vocal, but he disappeared off the nest during a FalconCam system reboot, I surmise.

  6. Xavier is in n out as fast as I blink.
    Fascinating how he was midair in the doorway
    longer than he was in the box
    due to freeze!

    LOL 😀

  7. SNAPS

    1505hr Xavier dashes in (and out pronto):

    1506hr Diamond with prey:

    The chicks “follow-my-leader”:

    (There was a previous meal but I don’t have it on either cam, just the tell-tale huddle on the ledge cam.)

  8. Another feed is under way.

    Diamond came in from the side, so no good view of the prey item is available.


    Ha! By the time I get snaps and do the necessaries… the feed is over!

  9. Another feed going on! Ledge cam froze out the delivery, and Diamond is standing too close to the ledge while feeding for us to get a view of the prey item.

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