Let’s call him Xavier

Well I’m not sure he will be the ‘saviour’, yet, but things are looking a lot more promising and, you are right, as usual, he has brought in his first prey (not sure what this is, possibly a tree-creeper by the colouring, but  a smallish passerine anyway).

The juvenile male we saw before might well be Tardy, and, if so, I’m rather glad he was not accepted as a suitor!  If this male (Xavier) is an offspring of Swift, then there is no relationship.

Earlier Diamond also brought in some prey after a short absence (14 minutes) which makes me suspect the prey has either come from Xavier, or was possibly from a stash.  She also brought in a scrap of prey at 0943 after a very short absence of 5.5 minutes and this was clearly not her kill.  So I think he is helping from the sidelines at least.

our new family together
our new family together

I’ve tried uploading video, but even a three second video is too large (over 50 MB).   I’ll see if there is any way that I can reduce the resolution through changing the format.

Thanks for all your comments and pictures.   Even though they can’t see or hear us, I feel that perhaps they know we are cheering them on, somehow (daft, I know).  In respect of the ‘what’s in it for him’ – the answer is that good territories are rare, especially ones with such a good nest site, so if she accepts him, he’s set for life (less of the peregrinations!).

I have to chair a full day conservation meeting in Wellington, NSW tomorrow, so am unlikely to be in, so will talk to you on Monday afternoon.


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  1. Thank you for the update, Cilla. I’m so glad he’s going to be Xavier, let’s hope he lives up to his name, but it won’t be his fault if he falls short.

    And I’m so glad you are “daft” too – it’s incredible, the bond one feels with these birds.

    Xavier has been in and out a few times but my cams weren’t co-operative enough to see more prey deliveries.

    I am thrilled to show you a beautiful Willy Wagtail landing on the ledge, living dangerously for a few moments, it fled shortly before Diamond arrived with a morsel.

    29s VIDEO = youtube.com/watch?v=if4iqi98Gq0

    (I know even less about Australian birds than I do about our own British birds, but Googling “black and white Australian bird” soon found it.)

    Some more activity just caught my eye, off I go to retrieve it.

  2. After going to the ledge 3 times, waiting and going back to the chicks, Diamond eventually flew and returned in less than 10 minutes with this prey (unrecognisable lump):


    Goodnight all.

  3. Willie Wagtails are amazingly brave little birds that regularly chase away much larger potential predators and have been even known to get caught in my hair when I got too close to their nest (they build their nests often right by doorways). I have some lovely photos of their nests, usually with four offspring spilling over the edge.

  4. These last few days have been an astonishing journey with Diamond; just mesmerizing. It makes me curious if Peregrine falcons form a loose community of their neighbors who watch every event that happens in any nest. Somehow, Mom Nature’s DNA seems to move them to come to the rescue if something has gone amiss. How grateful we all are that Xavier and possibly others have helped out Diamond in her hours of need. Keep it up falcon “friends” of Diamond and her precious babies.

  5. Scylla, love the willie wagtail video. I recently watched an enraged willie wagtail lunge again and again at a magpie (our Aussie ones are very diff from your Brit magpies, by the way) on the footpath outside a local shop. The magpie wouldn’t even acknowledge its furious presence – hilarious to watch.

    I’m trying very hard not to ‘project’, but I think Diamond is looking more relaxed since Xavier arrived. An extra set of talons will be very useful with three hungry mouths to feed.

  6. Thanks for the updates and pictures! I’ll be back to work on Monday and there will be no time for checking in throughout the day, so the updates will be perfect. Keep it up 😀

    The willywag tail video was great … Diamond probably wish she hadn’t had her claws full .. he’d have been bit more of a feed then whatever she had.

    I keep getting caught by the time difference between nest and ledge. Something exciting will be happening on the ledge and I go to nest cam to see what’s happening but it’s running behind .. then suddenly it catches up and I’ve missed the action.

    A few minutes ago Diamond was on the chicks and her head movements and a bit of a squawk meant that someone was about. She went to the ledge and I saw a streak … and she was off. I thought at first it might have been a cockatoo … but then I check the nest cam and there is Xavier … Where did he come from? He wasn’t there before! (dang lag) .. anyway he stood around looking grumpy and I promise you at about 4.46 he was swearing!! Then he took off again. As we speak the chicks are alone.

  7. Oh no, it’s starting to get dark and cold .. where is Diamond? It’s been over an hour and a half now.

  8. Diamond and Xavier
    October 8, 2016 – Shepnotes
    5.30 pm Oz – I saw a bird on BOTH cams but cams are 3 minutes lag.
    I woke too early *yawn* and only a glimpse when I first clicked in so….. *stretch*….

    I am up over an hour too early
    Both cams up and empty – 3 minute lag
    A glorious day in Oz for Mom to play before night duty!

    From bcaw notes by bev there has been a LOT of flying around outside. Its a glorious day for flying and playing and being a free falcon – even if only for an hour or two!

    6 am Xavier flies in for a quick check, then goes to doorway to sit, then he is off agian.

    Deb, in Falconville we call that – KAKKING – not cussin, and its warning anyone they are unwelcome while he’s onguard! Xavier is a might fast lil warrior! 😀

    Yes, lags and hangups / freezing cam is frustrating, but even so, its such a fun glimpse into the falcons lives.

    SO GLAD you picked Xavier!
    I loved Willy video! I watched their nest a couple years ago. Fun birdie! Diamond didnt get him – but that doesnt mean Xavier didnt.

  9. I have to say I was excited with a “real” peregrine experience today. I am part of a group that does a bird audit once a month for the local council. We watched the birds having a great time on the thermals today … they obviously love to play as much as we do!! It was all action birds here, birds there and then suddenly very quiet. Next thing all the noisy minors and the mud larks are calling their alarm calls. And there they were, as quick as a flash, above us one second and gone the next, but definitely a falcon. The other group also saw it so was nice to have confirmation.

  10. And yes sheep, I keep thinking they’ll come back with a lamb one day 😀

    And yes, look at those bobble heads go!

  11. 7.45pm – are they mozzies I see? I didn’t think they would go up so high….

    Diamond seems interested in the panel on the back wall (so now I am too!) What’s behind it, Cilla? Is that the tradies’/cleaner’s entrance? 🙂

  12. Yep Claire, I saw her feeding just before my cam froze

    That is a spooky looking thing!

  13. GLORIUS EVENING in OZ! 4 am in USA
    Good meal for the kidz at 1 pm and 5 pm
    Several QUICK visits by quickboy Xavier
    6.30 pm chicks alone
    A few minutes ago Diamond was with them
    … aaaannnnddd …. there she is back again – no prey
    6.44 pm Mum is back on her young.

    Oct 9 – noon feeding

    bcaw notes, pics, videos


  14. Wish we could see into that corner. Feather’s are flying and Diamond is standing above the chicks instead of sitting on them.

    Thanks for the pics and clips Shep 🙂

  15. Bit by bit they seem to be manoeuvring Diamond back a bit … keep this up and we’ll be able to see them better tomorrow!!

  16. Well, I should thank you for the updates …after a full day’s Central West Environment Council meeting (just trying to save the world:) or at least our corner of NSW) I couldn’t face my office, needed to get some air and walk our dogs around our property on such a lovely evening…looking for platypus, but all seems to be going according to plan, so I’ll catch up tomorrow afternoon. Good night, all.

  17. My posts are missing from this morning – I checked throughout the day and Shep’s 0620hr “spooky looking thing” was always the last post, so I didn’t try any more.

    Let’s see what happens to this – if it doesn’t appear, I must have been banned! 😮

  18. I just missed Cilla’s sign-off, goodnight and thank you, Cilla!

    Xavier first checked in @ 0557hr, Diamond left, he left (in no hurry to do so) and Diamond returned with small prey for breakfast.

    2m34s VIDEO = youtube.com/watch?v=WZRwF2gwWyU

    I had more but I’ll leave it at that, knowing that our birds have survived until now 🙂

  19. Cilla! Where’s the playpus cam? 😀 hehehe
    Hi scy – ur not banned, Michele, Deb o/

    after I had posted, Diamond was pacing and calling – most likly calling Xavier. Had she been kakking – warning an intruder – she’d have stood on doorway.

  20. i1373.photobucket.com/albums/ag398/bonduk/misc%20nests/d3af4dfc-15b9-45bb-b178-a8bb00f98d49_zps6h1vfvgv.png

    5:46 am they are having a bit of dawn chat

    GSB falcon cam in Minnesota USA the male would fly in for the peep n bow and exit – so fast I couldnt get to PRINT SCREEN on my keyboard! He had the cutest hop-exit <3

  21. They’ll begin to wobble around now. The lil chicks were beeking each other. Really cute!

    You got somethin sis?
    No, you got somethin bro?

  22. My nestcam has been down good ‘n proper for quite a while.

    I took these notes for the morning, joined up the relevant clips, then ran out of steam:

    -0545 & 0614 Xavier in, D leaves, back empty, to ‘n fro ledge, Xavier in ‘n out
    -D out 0640, back w prey 0703, feeds kids, Xavier steals stash
    -D flew with raised hackles towards ledge, then couldn’t find stash Xavier had stolen
    -D in w prey after long absence. Eys not starving
    -D feeding chicks, X in n out 4 times 1052-1223hr

    Since then I’ve seen Xavier in the nest quite a lot, also I think he stood on sentry duty for a long time. However, I haven’t yet found him bringing prey.

  23. I read bcaw notes, pics before I came here. PLENTY of food is coming in and Diamond and Xavier have bonded and its a good pseudomarriage or pair or birdage or union or whatever. All 3 kids well fed.

    Diamond goes to ledge and calls Xavier and he comes and she leaves him with chicks.

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