Diamond struggles on

Incubated eggs can be left uncovered even in cool weather for 2 hours, and even up to six hours in one case, with a brood being successfully reared, so it seems that the disruptions last week have not had a major impact.

Two chicks have been hatched overnight.  Both appear to be healthy, although the second seemed to lack feathers, but I think it was just a bit wet.

Diamond was obviously very distressed, dithering between the need to keep the chicks warm (it is quite cold and windy here today) and the need to fetch food.

Finally at half past one, she left for a proper hunt and was successful after an hour (probably a pigeon, very pink legs).  And the chicks have received a feed (at least one has, by the blood on the beak; not sure about the other as she had her back to the camera).

No sign of Bula or alternative male, but she more she shows herself, the more likely she will be seen by a prospective mate.   I am fairly certain this nest box is a prized site, so would be well known to visiting peregrines (as well as past offspring, of course).

Apologies for no photos.  It’s the website, not the software, I think, so I’ll see if Scott can fix it.  If not, I’ll think of another solution…FAcebook perhaps.

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  1. She’s a champion. This morning was awful. I hope she can manage to feed them all (herself included!)

    Cilla, if another male spied Diamond without a mate and decided to make a move, would he help feed/raise the chicks? (just thinking of the way some male mammals see the offspring of another male as a threat to be ‘despatched’ and hoping peregrines are more civilised!)

  2. Peregrines make rather good foster parents. It’s not unknown for a female to take over another brood (even those of kestrels) and for both parents to go missing and another pair take over. They are not lions, fortunately

    One bright spot is that this nest-box is warm and dry compared to a tree or cliff top, so keeping them warm will be easier than usual. Having said that the weather is unseasonably cool. Feeding them now is relatively easy compared to when they are half-full grown. Let’s hope the other egg does not hatch….

  3. ‘if another male spied Diamond without a mate and decided to make a move, would he help feed/raise the chicks?’

    There are stories of a male being gone and another comes to foster the brood. Yep Cilla, they make great fosters – so do eagles and osprey.

    Diamond is flying out and about – then back – often – and I suspect she is advertising for a mate that way. I have watched her look out – as if she might hear another falcon.

    Its actually not unknown for a previous year juvie to come and help out – not common but not unknown.

    (If I post a link, my comment doesnt post – ? )

  4. 10 pm Oz * 7 am USA edt
    Still 2 chicks – and an egg

    2 chicks, an egg and a single Mom
    October 4, 2016 Shepnotes
    Dawn USA * Evening in Oz
    Diamond is on her egg and 2 chicks
    She can eat those eggshells for calcium.

    Overnite lots of notes and pics on bcaw and the Oz pages

    With Diamond flying out and returning, I believe she is advertising for a new mate. We know falcons are good adopters / adapters. 🙂 We have observed this in the USA in previous years, in falcons, eagles, and osprey. Scott’s videos have SOUND! 🙂

    Diamond struggles on
    4 October, 2016 | By Cilla Kinross
    Incubated eggs can be left uncovered even in cool weather for 2 hours,
    and even up to six hours in one case.

    LIVE nest cam was down awhile
    At 5 am Oct. 4 in USA * 9 pm in Oz I have not seen if egg 3 has a hatch
    I posted notes on bcaw and RRP (Raptor Resource Project bird forum)
    People can see pics on those 2 websites – family friendly!


  5. Diamond just left the box and we can see even less of the chicks than before… and nothing of the egg!

  6. A single Mom, 2 chicks, and an egg
    October 5, 2016 Shepnotes
    7.45 am Oz * 4.45 pm USA
    They all ate something, egg has a big pip
    Diamond left very briefly, I saw 2 beeks up and a big pip 😀

  7. Oops! Should have reported that the nestcam is currently unavailable and no-one can be seen on the ledgecam.

  8. So, any speculation about Bula, anyone? I feel terrible for Diamond and the chicks, but wonder if we have to assume that Bula has died? He was most certainly a dedicated egg incubator and I wouldn’t think he would just leave?

  9. No, he definitely wouldn’t ‘just leave’. I suspect a hunting accident in one of the rainstorms, but I also haven’t ruled out a problem with the visiting female, but have no evidence of that. Will start new thread and try and put up some feeding pictures from this morning.

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