First two new hatchlings popped up this morning 4th Oct 2016

As most of our regular viewers have noticed by now, there are two new bobbleheads in the eyrie – one approximately 2am this morning and the second within daylight hours, around 7am. It’s tough to tell this year as Diamond has moved her scrape towards the camera, right towards our one blind spot! Not considerate but innocent enough! All’s looking well except for a totally absent Bula, who hasn’t been spotted for two days. With one sighting of Diamond with food, we can but hope that he’s providing support from out in the feeding trees below, out of sight of the cameras (maybe he did something naughty and isn’t allowed back home?!). We can but hope and cross fingers that food will be forthcoming. It’s a blustery day outside with moderately cool temps (about 11-14degC depending on where you are around Orange).

First peregrine chick for 2016
First new chick sighting for 2016


Daylight for the first 2 peregrine chicks
Daylight for the first 2 chicks


Peregrine falcon chick upside down
Not the right way up yet


Sleepy and hungry hours-old peregrine chick
Sleepy and hungry hours-old peregrine chick


The first video clips:

Diamond and her new hatchlings, early morning

The first two chicks see the first light of day

(NEW) Diamond showing off her two new chicks

(NEW) Clumsy Diamond nearly crushes a chick

(NEW) The two peregrine eyases already hungry and looking for mum

Here’s hoping for hatching no.3 shortly too, but Diamond has a task on her hands now.


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  1. I’ve developed a kindred spirit with Diamond. She will NOT give up on her chicks. My prayers continue to be answered. Question: on YouTube link, does it have audio, whereas the live-stream webcam does not? Obviously I ask since my computer does not pick up audio from either the inside cam or ledge cam. Thank you for all your hard work; this is remarkable and a deeply moving backstory to follow. I watch hours and hours on end routing and cheering for Diamond and her 3 eyas!

    1. Hi Gina,
      Thanks for your comment. At the moment the live streams don’t have audio, which is one of the issues we have with the Flash-player based feeds. We’re going to change to HTML5-based feeds in the near future, but it appears there’s more work to do yet. I’m told that should solve audio issues. But the YouTube videos come from our other internal surveillance server which does provide us with internal audio. Frustrating but we’re not far off upgrades; we’ll wait to get this season out of the way rather than chance our luck and lose some of the action. Diamond is indeed a great mum, so now we’re worried about where Bula has gone. Nature is taking its course.

  2. HEY! NO FAIR! Scott video gets sound!! O how precious!
    I can hear the CHUP CHUP of the chick inside its egg home!
    I cant get any sound on the website cams 🙁

  3. I wish my reply had an – EDIT – feature – I dont see one. I posted BEFORE Scott posted. I want to add – there are 2 websites following this nest – RRP and bcaw – and bcaw has posted stories of other nests with happy endings when the Dad vanishs. The female goes out and flies about advertising her desire of a male. Are there many falcons in this area? Hope so!!

    1. Hi Shep,
      Beat you to the Return button!! Yes, it’s a downer not having audio in the streaming feeds, but hopefully, that will be fixed after this season has run its course. The local population density for peregrines in this area isn’t that great as birds of prey tend to even themselves out fairly well, but we do know of another 5-or-so eyries in the region. Maybe your theory could provide hope for Diamond. My guess is that Bula got drunk at the pub and now can’t find his way home… but I could be wrong (which was more like our old male, Beau; we reckon he’d flown into a tree once, as nothing seemed to annoy or affect him!!).

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