And thanks to Scott

Scott finally managed to get the upgraded software to link to the ledge cam by starting from scratch and reloading everything.  So now I have access to the recording software of both cameras as from noon today.  So a big sigh of relief and thanks to Scott for his persistence and to all you out there for your amazing help also.

I’ve noticed that Bula is not bringing in enough food for Diamond.  I thought at first she was simply hunting her own food, but sometimes she comes back to the box after an absence of just 10 minutes or so, with tell-tale blood on her cere or claws.    Of course she could have just got lucky and made a kill in that time, but I suspect a cache and I’ll go out and have scout around when I get a minute.

I’ve also noticed that Diamond is much more restless, often standing over the eggs for 5-7 minutes at a time, instead of her usual 1-2 minutes. (NB No such change from Bula, however).  Perhaps she senses that the time is near.  I expect hatchings from this weekend, so watch this space.


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  1. I can’t see as they have their back to the camera, but I think it’s Diamond. Such deep breathing and not seeming to be able to settle. I feel worried. Hope they find some comfort soon.

  2. There was a lot of huffing and puffing earlier but I think there have been some changeovers since the middle of the day and Bula(?) is looking settled. The weather out your way looks pretty gruesome (still!) I hope there’s plenty of prey around.

    The night view from the ledge-cam is fabulous now. Thanks Scott, for working your magic!

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