Many thanks

I would like to express our gratitude to keen falcon cam observer, Arjen Rodenhuis, for access to his ledge cam tapes.  This has enabled me to fill in almost all of my data gaps, especially those where a bird was on the ledge (but invisible from the nest cam) and gave me access to a ledge view of prey items being brought in.   Hopefully the problem our end will be fixed soon, but in the meantime, access to Arjen’s website is extremely helpful to our research.

Otherwise things are progressing well.   Prey items are being  brought in despite the appalling weather, which continues unabated.   Bula spends what seems to me a very long incubating, allowing Diamond to hunt, including a five and a half stint yesterday, which is extraordinary.  I wonder if he’ll be so dutiful with a nestful of hatchlings!    He also sometimes shows some reluctance to move when Diamond comes back.   I sent Scott the video, which is better than these stills. 20160921-time-to-go-bula-4-2

Come on Bula, it's time to go!
Come on Bula, it’s time to go!


Cheers Cilla


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