Intruder, perhaps?

Yesterday, our pair behaved quite bizarrrely for several hours.  Diamond would not settle on the eggs and often left the nest box completely and every time Bula tried to incubate, she would arrive back and chase him out, sometimes quite vigorously.  I noticed that she was often looking up as if there might have been another bird of prey in the sky, but of course I can’t be sure, and by the time I observed this, all had returned to normal, so there was no point in going outside to check.   This went on for several hours until she finally let Bula settle for a while and eventually resumed her own incubation later in the afternoon.  I was a bit worried as it is very unseasonably cold here today, and wet and I didn’t like to see the eggs left that long.

Come on Bula, shove off!
Come on Bula, shove off!

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  1. Do other birds pose a threat to roosting peregrines? I suppose I always think of them as being at the top of the ladder and a bit invincible, but I guess eggs and/or hatchlings make them vulnerable.

    Cilla, remember when you thought there was a different male perhaps hanging around to ‘chance his arm’ a while back? (well before this season began)… I wonder if he’s out there?

  2. It did occur to me that this was a different male, but I really don’t think so. A peregrine intruder might make a nuisance of himself, but is unlikely to be so attached to incubating as Bula clearly is! I don’t know the reason for Diamond’s behaviour….maybe the wind is making her have a bad hair day and she is just in a bad temper:). Many bird species would help themselves to eggs or chicks, so have to be carefully guarded.

  3. Poor old thing must have wanted to stretch her legs .. she hobbled back a few minutes later … The ledge camera is a little delayed to the nest cam so good for catching up details if you miss them.

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