A very close pair

I’ve noticed that this pair spend quite a bit of time in the box together, including a very unusual nocturnal tryst on the very early morning of 13th, after he arrived at the unheard of time of 0349!  He stayed on the eggs until Diamond arrived back at 0411 (at least I assume she wasn’t just sitting on the ledge….)

Diamond attempts to dislodge Bula at night
Diamond attempts to dislodge Bula at night

Yesterday (15th) Bula sat on the ledge for a considerable time while Diamond was on eggs, leaving at 1351 (so no video).  Does anyone have his arrival time?

And yesterday afternoon the pair sat quietly together, with Bula on eggs, for nearly half an hour, before Diamond gave up trying to dislodge our very maternal male!  Anyway, it’s a good opportunity to see them close together, so you can clearly see the difference in the yellow tones and size.

Clucky Bula won't budge!
Clucky Bula won’t budge!

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  1. Hello. Is there a place to give info on sightings. Are you interested in time/date of sightings? If so,
    To my surprise just saw the Male, on ledge 9/20/16-10PM EST USA. Leave, and mom on eggs.

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