Birds on the ledge

I understand that there is a viewer in Holland who has tapes of the ledge camera.    I don’t think it would be possible to send me large tapes, but if there was any possibility of running through the tapes to get times when birds were sitting on the ledge facing into the box (meaning that I can’t see them because the tail is out of sight),  I would be very grateful.    The problem started after the software upgrade at the beginning of the month and is ongoing, so even if people could start from now that would be fantastic.   I’m particularly interested in the times when BOTH birds are in the box, with one on the ledge.   On sunny days, I can often see their shadows, but we’ve had a lot of cloudy days recently, making it even trickier.


3 thoughts

  1. Diamond just had an awful time trying to get the eggs under her “just so”. Which brings me to what may be a silly question: do the eggs themselves grow at all?

  2. NO, they shouldn’t grow. It has been a beastly cold day with truly Antarctic wind, and I’ve seen both birds in the nest for considerable time. So perhaps she is just trying to make sure the eggs are well covered.

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