Initial streaming upgrades a success, but …

Thank you to all for your patience earlier today in the temporary loss of the live streams. Thanks to Luke in DIT the changeover for the streaming cameras on the network was a success and the streams are as quick as ever (although it took a tower climb to reboot the two PoE-based cams!), having only lost about 1.5 hours. I’ve noticed tonight that the ledge camera image quality is not great; attempts were made to try and re-link the ledge camera to the Milestone surveillance system, and a few checkboxes were changed. This rendition, in particular, isn’t great so will try to revert some settings to get the quality back to normal for night vision. The two hi-def cameras have low-light vision but we found there wasn’t enough light in the confined space for them to work, so we’re actually using one of our original two old IP cameras to shine infra-red light at night, and the combination works really well.

We still have issues with our internal Milestone server where the ledge camera won’t reconnect after the server software upgrade two weeks ago (not through lack of testing and tweaking). If you hear a muffled “woohoo” over the next few days it means we fixed it! Thanks to Arjen (one of our best supporters overseas) for keeping ledge cam footage for us in the meantime; hope it doesn’t overload your server there!

Sorry for all the geeky stuff in this post but the camera streams on the CSU web pages are back online and running really well. Have a great weekend, everyone…

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    1. Hi Claire. Before, and right up to, the moment of writing this post I meant to add a note to clear your browser cache and try again if the cams didn’t show up, because the coding on the pages has changed… but forgot! Sorry – for anyone still having issues try clearing your browser’s cache. Great to have the cams back online…we no doubt have a couple of weeks now of quiet repose before the first crackings will hopefully occur.

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