First visit by juvenile to nest box

I got back last night after amazing trip when I saw more birds than I expected, including six raptor species.

Anyway, I now have 3 weeks of data to go through and that will take a while, but I’m pleased to report that on 15th December, one of the juveniles made her (based on size) first visit to the box.  Diamond was already up there, but took off (perhaps to make way) as the juvenile approached.  She stayed for about 10 minutes, had a good sticky beak around her birthplace, then took off.

Diamond making way as juvenile approaches box
Diamond making way as juvenile approaches box
Juvenile arrives for the first time in box
Juvenile arrives for the first time in box

I was expecting this to happen at some time as Snow (female from 2012, in fact our last fledgling) spent a lot of time in the box with Swift (our previous adult female) up until mid-January.

I’ll send the video to Scott for upload if he’s around.

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  1. Welcome home Cilla! I still check in and have seen both adults many times, but missed this visit by one of the kids. Can’t wait to see the video.

  2. And there was an interesting fly-past on 22nd. it only lasted a second, so easy to miss. Diamond was sitting at the ledge and clearly saw something approaching…she took off and then I saw a juvenile coming close to the box and then following her . I took photos, but of course they are not much more than a blur, but just enough to distinguish the colouring.

  3. Welcome back, Cilla, and thanks for the news and the great pics. I’ve had a lengthy enforced absence because of computer/internet problems, and have been going mental without my regular falcon ‘fix’! It’s great to see a pic of the first juvenile visit ‘home’.

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