Up, up and away

That’s me, not the birds.   I’m off to Washington state to visit my daughter and her family.

Tiffany Mason, a friend from the Nature Conservation Trust, will be keeping an eye open for our falcons while I am away.

The adults are still visiting the box regularly, but spending less time in there (although both male and female have used the box occasionally at night).  I’m not sure where our youngsters have got to.  No longer in the dead tree, which was full of starlings yesterday.  No sign of anyone today in the main roost park.

I return on New Year’s Eve, so will check on asap after that, especially to see whether any of the fledglings have the box in my absence.

We had a nice visit from the Orange Anglican Grammar school last week.  They helped me with native plant propagation for a couple of hours, then Scott and I gave them a tour of the site and a talk/slide show.  Only the male was present, unfortunately.

Orange Anglican Grammar School Year 10 in the park
Orange Anglican Grammar School Year 10 in the park



4 thoughts

  1. Oh Cilla, enjoy your break .. we’ll be here keeping an eagle eye out for you (on the CAMs anyway) while you’re away soaring with the eagles!!

    And welcome Tiffany, no pressure of course … but we look forward to your updates on our little feathered friends as news comes to hand.

  2. After too many hours without sleep to count, I’m finally in Custer, Washington and went for a long walk to get the muscles moving again and saw (I think) a sharp-shinned hawk. Many birds in this area, so I’ll enjoy the wintry landscapes.

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