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After some frustrating days of not being able to locate our youngsters, some friends and I finally found them in a dead tree several hundred metres from the nest.   This is probably due to the fact that this tree is the only large dead tree without other trees too close, so ideal for ‘flight training’.   We did have two dead pine trees close to the nest, but these were felled for safety reasons.

This is the dead tree currently being used by our three youngsters
This is the dead tree currently being used by our three youngsters

All three juveniles were seen in this tree (but predictably hard to photograph), with one female flying back and forth to the trees near the nest, but the others staying close.

As you can see, it was sunset, so I could only get a silhouette, but I think this is Tardy based on size relative to the larger females.

Copy of tree used by juveniles with Tardy  2

The adults are still using the box regularly and have started interaction/courtship behaviour, with even some desultory scrape preparation.  Often Diamond is on the ledge and Bula on the top of the tower as shown (Bula is holding a dark prey item).

Copy of Bula left, Diamond right

Occasional prey has come into the box, with one memorable visit with Diamond arriving with a whole galah.  She started to stash it in a corner when Bula arrived licking his lips, so to speak.  Immediately, she grabbed her prize and took off again, so perhaps a bit of mistrust there!

The other things of note is that on the night of 28th November, Bula spent the whole night on the ledge of the box.  This is extremely rare behaviour for a male, and a first for Bula.  Early in the morning Diamond arrived and he left immediately.  I have no idea why this anomoly took place, but it is quite interesting.   Perhaps Diamond had gone further afield for the night, but who knows.

Bula greets Diamond after a rare night spent in the box
Bula greets Diamond after a rare night spent in the box

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  1. Cilla, thank you so much for the update. Its so heartening to know that things are good with “our” Peregrine family.

  2. great job finding the youngsters Cilla! thank you! they sure do have a beautiful spot to fly about in- so peaceful. i have never seen the tower before so i appreciate that view of it. all appears well with the family here and that is wonderful news!

  3. I would expect courtship behaviour (at least in respect of food bringing) next July and egg laying mid-late August 2016.

    Mind you the courtship is already well under way; Diamond and Bula were at it (bowing low and close) for 15 minutes today. And Bula spent another night in the box, which is interesting.

    No sign of youngsters using the box yet (and they may not, of course).

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