Here goes number two

At about 0630 this morning, one of the females also took flight.  Lovely clear, warm late spring day…perfect for flight training.

Second chick takes to the air
Second chick takes to the air

20151117 1st Fem departs 4 20151117 1st Fem departs 5 20151117 1st Fem departs 6This also looked like a good flight – in a different direction to Tardy, but no doubt they will all be reunited in a few days.  I’ll send the video to Scottee.  Not sure which female is left, but it will be clearer when I’ve gone through the backlog of footage this afternoon.



3 thoughts

  1. Hi Cilla- honestly, i cannot tell the females apart! but i am so very happy to see them all healthy and well. both fledges showed confidence. and now the parents work begins… chasing them down to feed them out of the nestbox!

  2. Hi Cilla, Since the girls lost their “fuzzies”, it’s been difficult to tell who’s who, but you may be right. Ah, fresh prey was just delivered to the nestbox. Busy days ahead for Diamond & Bula.

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