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  1. About an hour ago I decided to move her to a better, much larger tree on the edge of the wood (carefully watched and scolded by Diamond), but she didn’t stay there long, but ‘flew’ onto a woodpile further in. Again I put her in a tree (carefully watched and scolded by Bula), conscious of the ever-present threat of cats and foxes.

  2. Poor babies – glad there are so many people looking out for them (as well as the devoted parents). I wonder where Tardy got to?

  3. The mental picture of this beautiful young bird being moved to safety is quite an interesting one!! It’s obvious that Diamond and Bula have developed some trust of the people around the campus – they’d do more than scold if they had no trust at all. I hope Tardy appears soon.

  4. So… are all the CSU maintenance staff currently equipped with heavy-duty gauntlets??? I imagine those talons – even fledgling talons – could inflict some serious damage!

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