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  1. I thought I saw someone taking photographs 😛 ………….and I think they’ll only be able to take off when two of them vacate the ledge. There’s no room for a wing flap and a friend.

    1. Hi Dee,

      If it was about 5.40pm (local time) then it could’ve been me (see this post). They gave me a minor vocal send-off as well, but fortunately neither adult peregrine saw me. Cold & windy outside so they won’t jump just yet!

  2. Awesome food fight between Walga and Tumbler around 10:00 am on the 16th. Neither one was going to give up so they played tug of war and took turns taking bites. Also, I think I saw Tardy on that little tiny outside ledge shortly thereafter??? The other two kept getting in the way of my view.

  3. How much assistance/parental supervision can be expected for a first flight? Do the adult birds watch over their chicks’ efforts?

  4. I bet he’s gone. Wish I could have seen if he left on his own or if one of the girls bumped him off the ledge. I saw him Walga bump him onto the small ledge yesterday. But I think he was ready to go.

  5. I’m still not seeing the male…I’ve been recording…and didn’t realize the cam had stopped…my last sighting of all 3 was at 1:15:59

  6. I guess he got his clearance for takeoff! When I checked cam about 1:40pm, the girls were flapping & tracking probably mom or dad. Fly safe little Tardy. 🙂

  7. hopefully someone saw the takeoff- hoping he is safe on his maiden flight. Carolyn i agree about Tardy being ready to fly! hoping for some ground reports soon

  8. Oh, good luck Tardy! I hope he comes back…he has to learn about controlling his speed and landings and of course, to hunt. Sure hope we hear something soon.

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