Days 35-38

Not long to go.   Plumage is almost as a proper juvenile now.  One of the females, the one with the least immature plumage (Walga, perhaps) has been rather greedy and seems to take most of the food, but all the chicks get fed eventually, even Tardy, who actually grabbed a prey item today for what I think was the first time – at least the first time he was permitted by his big sisters to keep it!

Tardy's patience rewarded
Tardy’s patience rewarded

20151114 Tardy's prize 3

And speaking of sibling rivalry, there was some interesting interaction between Tardy and one of the sisters last night….not sure what was going on here. Tardy was being pecked, but not too seriously, so I don’t think it was bullying.

Sibling love or rivalry?
Sibling love or rivalry?

I think Tardy might not live up to his name in respect of who is going to jump first.  Even though less aggressive, he is more mature in his plumage than his sisters and has been quite fearless in his wing-flapping on the ledge, even at night, rather worryingly.   We are having a lot of thunderstorms this week, and really don’t want an early departure in this weather.

Precarious living on the ledge
Precarious living on the ledge

My apologies, by the way, for the filthy camera lens.  Since moving cameras, we are now well above the poo line, and these birds have been quite clean, but it is impossible to keep them completely clean and can’t risk disturbance at this delicate stage.

One more picture – the three chicks lined up, showing very clear size discrepancy.

Three on the ledge, day 38
Three on the ledge, day 38


I’ll be around all this week, and will update as soon as we have our first take-off,  but have to go to Sydney next weekend to help chair a seminar on sustainability (population and consumption).

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  1. Well that was interesting. A carload of people just pulled up on the road, visible from the ledge cam – two or three people got out, jumped up and down a bit, then got back in the car and drove off… Amazing, the things you see with the ledge cam!

  2. Little Tardy is certainly a scrapper & quite a tightrope walker. I love to watch the interaction between him & his “big” sisters. Diamond & Bula have been fantastic providers for their beautiful eyases. It’s been a wonderful watch these past weeks & I bet Tardy will fledge 1st.

  3. Tardy is one fearless, feisty little guy. I think he will fledge first too. I love watching the chicks practicing their skills via “play.” The food just keeps on coming – good job Bula and Diamond!

  4. I was wondering, does anyone think Tumbler might be a little lame? Perhaps still some baby/weight clumsiness? She seems to lose her balance a lot and I’ve noticed she seems to sleep lying down more than Walga or Tardy.

    Oh Carolyn, I saw that, it was indeed precious.

  5. Claire, I always thought Walga seemed to have something wrong with her foot. But over the last few days they are all up on the ledge and seem to be getting on and off a lot.

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