Tidy Towns Committee visit FalconCam Project

With 3 eggs in the oven and resident female peregrine in place we received a visit from the Orange Tidy Towns Committee this morning, along with Emma from Tidy Towns itself. Too cold to stay outside for too long, and with Diamond reluctant to show her face at the window, we headed inside to the conference room where we could view the live cameras. Cilla and myself spoke about the Project’s history, the characters and the future, and educated the Committee about these peregrine falcons. Plenty of interest was shown, with talk of future funding possibilities, promotional efforts and technical upgrades.

We thank the Committee and Emma for spending time with us and learning all about the birds, the “Concrete Hilton” and plans for the future. See you all again around town soon! Oh and a big thanks to Project supporter Tony Smith for pushing Tidy Towns in to including us in the local nominations. Thanks also to Roger Smith (no relation to Tony) from Orange City Council for support and interesting questions (and driving the minibus around!). We hope you all learnt something today!

Orange Tidy Towns Committee visit, Sept 2015
Orange Tidy Towns Committee visit, Sept 2015

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  1. That’s great, Scott. Let’s hope something useful comes from today’s visit.

    I hope you pointed out that your lovely peregrines have an international following? It’s lovely to bring up your cams each day and gaze on these formidable birds. Fingers crossed that all three eggs will hatch successfully this year.

    1. Hi Clare,
      It was a worthwhile visit, with everyone learning lots about peregrines and the “Concrete Hilton”, the future of the Project, and all about our large band of AWESOME international supporters! We’re drawing up some more ideas for where we go from here, with possible new leads for funding and technology. Stay tuned! Thanks again for watching, the nervous wait is now on for a new season of little bobbleheads!.. Scott

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