Settling in

All is well with our new bride and groom.  Food (albeit mainly scraps) appears quite regularly and Bula is still incubating with panache.  And, of course, there have been no more eggs.  But we are very happy with three, hopefully thick-shelled eggs.

As Clare pointed out, Bula often is reluctant to move when Diamond comes back and she is often in no hurry to shift him (unlike Swift, who nagged Beau immediately and ferociously to shift himself).  But in this shot below, Diamond was almost as clumsy as Swift in rising from the eggs.

Clumsy girl (perhaps stiff?)
Clumsy girl (perhaps stiff?)

20150912 D's awkward rise 3 20150912 D's awkward rise 5The left foot is fine, by the way, probably just a bit stiff from sitting still so long.

I also spotted the sulphur-crested cockatoos doing a fly past on 10th September.  Diamond responded quickly, leaving the box in an agitated state three times in a short period, presumably to chase off the noisy intruders.   I didn’t see any white feathers later, so evidence that they made peregrine lunch (although large birds, it’s not unknown).


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  1. It’s good to see they’re getting it down to a routine. I miss Swift and Beau, but I do wish Diamond and Bula all the best.

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