Nagging and cockatoos

All is well in the hilton, although I sometimes wonder if Diamond is getting enough to eat as Bula is not bringing in much prey, and, when he does, it’s not very appetising (is it ever??).  However, he does take his turn on the eggs for lengthier periods than I remember Beau doing, so hopefully, she is able to hunt herself.    In fact, sometimes, Diamond has a job to get Bula to move!

A nag from Diamond
A nag from Diamond

We’ve also been revisited by our sulphur-crested cockatoo friends, but they knew better than to try and land in the box and, on a couple of occasions, Diamond took off after them.  Here she is alerted by their flypast.

Diamond's reaction to cockies on the rampage
Diamond’s reaction to cockies on the rampage




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