closer and cosier

Two different behaviours have been worthy of note recently – firstly, Diamond allowed Bula to stay in the box with her for several hours the other night.  At first they were interacting, but eventually, she fell asleep on the ledge, head tucked away, while Bula crouched, then gradually stood quietly until he left (around midnight from memory; I’ve left the book at home).   This didn’t happen with Swift who rarely let Beau hang around beyond a few minutes.

And then I noticed that the distance between the two birds while interacting has been getting a little closer from the the wide apart stance they have been taking.   Here she is actually ‘beaking’ Bula, who scampers out of the way.

Diamond closes in
Diamond closes in

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  1. Awwww! What is she doing to Bula? Is that an attempt to preen him or is she knocking him on the head? What a gorgeous capture.

    It’s so good to know they’re getting on well. I look forward to seeing the eggs starting to appear.

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