Maintenance work to the Concrete Hilton

Making sure that our feathered clientele are satisfied with their level of accommodation in the penthouse suite of the “5-star Concrete Hilton” the campus staff and maintenance crews are apparently working on structrural repairs to the water tower itself this week, so if Beau and Swift are away for a while it’s probably due to some spooking from the noise and movement. We’ll check our equipment tomorrow and ensure there will be as little interruption to the Project as possible, but depending on maintenance requirements we may need to drop the cameras for periods of time. Stay tuned.

We understand that Beau’s reasonable demands for a flat-screen television, underfloor heating, a new kitchenette (with starling storage) and mirror-tiled bathroom in the peregrine eyrie will not be going ahead at this time.

2 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the update, Scott – that would explain why we have seen our lovely pair lately.

    A flat-screen TV? I hate to think of what Beau and Swift would make of most of the programmes! I suspect they would agree with me in that watching a bird of prey’s day to day life is much more interesting.

  2. You’ll be pleased to know that the gorgeous Swift has spent two consecutive nights in the box……she has clearly not been too badly disturbed. She’s yet to go off for her breakfast – it’s quite nice to watch her chilling on the ledge for a nice length of time!

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