Hot and windy Saturday

I’ve gone painstakingly through all the tapes since the ‘tumble’ and apart from the first two days, there has been a distinct drop in activity.  The last food brought into the box by Beau was (as far as I have been able to tell) on 17th November.  This was taken by Swift up into the roost tree opposite.  She then returned with some of the prey still intact three minutes later and then ate it.  This doesn’t look a bird who is feeding a youngster, so that doesn’t look good.   Since then Swift has spent most of the time in the box, about half that time on the ledge, and the rest in the box asleep (or having a yawn, see below) with an occasional swap with Beau, presumably so she can hunt.  It’s not impossible that they are still feeding Aspro, but I don’t think it is very likely at this stage.   However, I am very happy to be proven wrong and will still keep searching during this coming week, but can’t come in tomorrow (singing with our choir in the cathedral).

Swift yawning
Swift yawning


The lack of chivvying as we search has been worrying from the start, but I was hoping that the youngster had somehow ended up some distance away and was gradually finding its way back (and that still is a possibility).


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  1. Hi Cilla

    We did manage to get a capture of Beau bringing food to the box at 06:49 on November 22nd – Swift took it away to eat.

    Enjoy your Sunday – I assume at this point you possess a nice singing voice. If I tried to join a choir I’d clear the building.

  2. Thought I should mention that Swift hasn’t been seen in the box since yesterday afternoon (your time) – could that be significant? Beau has been spending long periods in the box, though it was empty overnight.

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