No news as such – day 43

Thanks to all those who have sent video etc.  I do actually have access to these through our recording video, but can’t see any clear pattern as to direction of exit flights, especially those with food.  Often the bird has gone to the roost tree, and in at least one case, the adult has come back to the nest box to finish the food.  This is clearly not a good sign.

But I haven’t abandoned all hope.   If Aspro is still alive and well, she should be flying by now (43 days old), or at least being more active, and there should be more obvious signs.

I’m going out now for a scout about and will be around over the weekend as well to have a look and a listen.



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  1. Thank you for your devotion and continued efforts in locating Aspro. This is my first season to watch the Orange nest. There were many devastating losses and injuries of the falcons on cam this season in the USA. At least it seemed to me. My hopes were riding high on Aspro … so independent and feisty and beautiful! I was watching the cam immediately before and after the accidental fledge and was aware of the strong winds. It has been heartbreaking. Just wanted to let you know we care, understand and appreciate what you all are going through. Regardless of the outcome, I hope you will locate her. And it is with best wishes that she is alive and well!!!

  2. Well I haven’t given up yet. I’m thinking that in the next few days we will be watching an empty nest & see a falcon appear. It will shock us all and be sweet Aspro.

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