All well day 20

I have had a lot of other commitments, so am getting a bit behind with my data capture (and I’m in Sydney this weekend for the Nature Conservation Council) to there’ll be a lot to catch up with next week.

But all is well.   Beau brought in a prey (unfortunately unidentified, although a bird) well before dawn the other day, see below.

Very early catch
Very early catch


Aspro struggled with another catch (possible a large honeyeater, or thrush) as it had rather unappetising long legs

what a beakful!
what a beakful!


And another nice one of mother and child


mother loooooove! And isn't she/he fat!
mother loooooove! And isn’t she/he fat!


I’ll be out of touch for a few days because of meetings in town etc., back on deck Monday.



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  1. Aspro is doing really well, Cilla – and the fluff is starting to come off! I can now see a tail and wing feathers.

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