Streaming camera page changes

We’re running some more tests on the two streaming camera pages in attempts to get as many people back on them as soon as possible without interrupting too much major coding right now. Currently Firefox is working OK – indeed both this website and the camera pages have been coded with Firefox in mind anyway – but Chrome and other browsers are probably not. The requested changes to be made by the CSU IT staff tomorrow, Monday, will be an attempt to fix this issue temporarily, until we look at a major config change after the breeding season is overSquarePegRoundHoleCoolClips_cart1828. A global “cross-fingers” might help! Stay tuned for more good news!…


NEWS FLASH: 3/11/14 Changes to the streaming page code appear to have worked. Initially all of Firefox, Chrome and later versions of IE are showing live streaming. If you’re in doubt with IE please transfer over to the likes of either Firefox or Chrome. Fingers crossed, thanks again Amber (CSU DIT)!!….

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  1. Thanks for update info SB, my fingers are firmly crossed as I run Chrome on my equipment & so am out of the live watching loop although keeping up with the little one via your blogs & our RSPB page here in UK!
    I always experience problems with FF for some unknown reason!
    Good luck!

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