Accessing the camera streams

As many viewers are finding at the moment, the cameras streams have all types of problems. We were going great guns prior to the power outage earlier this month but since we got systems back up, and page coding modified, we’ve had some headaches. We’ve received many emails from all over the world and to sum the temporary arrangement up…. it appears that the streaming is working OK via the Firefox browser, albeit a requirement to click on the blank screen where the feed is situated to initiate the stream. Excepting a couple of circumstances this appears to be a sure way to keep going. For a few technical reasons we’ve lost Chrome and IE capability at the moment.

Short-term we’re reluctant to make any big changes right now lest we lose the feeds entirely, but as soon as young Aspro has fledged and achieved “green tree” status sometime mid to late November (approx 40 days between hatching & fledging) outside we’ll begin changes and testing. We intend steering away from Flash-based technology if possible, partly because Android and Apple devices don’t like it, but also we need to move to something a little more robust. We also understand that the CSU water tower is due for some urgent maintenance (campus-goers will notice the really big water leaks now). It’s proposed to make repairs after having emptied the tower of water sometime from December in to January. Our part in the repairs will be to bring the cameras and tower equipment down for as long as is required, but the timing may be spot on, with Aspro sampling the outdoors world by then. It will give us a good opportunity to maintain our equipment, upgrade streaming capability, and work on more solid contingencies for any future power/data issues.

Thankyou to all our supporters from all over the globe for sticking by us during these nerdific times. We’ll keep on top of it and by next year should have a a better streaming technology in place…. Beau and Swift and their offspring are worth it, and we’ve all learnt so much about this amazing species.


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