Hello from Cilla

Just to let you know that I now have access to the reconstructed website, so will be putting posts and photos (not videos, I’ll leave that to Scott!) from now on.

Just an observation, from the birds used as prey during 2014 to date, of those I could positively identify 100% have been common starlings, so that will keep the vineyard manager happy.  Of course I have lots of unidentified bits and pieces (see photo for exampe) and not all of those are starlings, but will keep you posted.

Beau with 'hint of yellow' prey item
Beau with ‘hint of yellow’ prey item

Cilla Kinross

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  1. Good to ‘see’ you Cilla & us watchers in UK will be looking forward to your input! Always remember that pic from last year of you with Snow, showed us just how big these birds are!

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