Second egg for Swift and Beau arrived this morning, 6th Sept 2014

After a long wait we were finally treated to a second egg for 2014 and all indications are again very good. It was a quick laying and within seconds Swift had settled on both eggs. A while after, still in the relative darkness of early morning, Beau arrived to check in (no doubt just back from the pub!) and was ushered away in short time but he returned a couple of times during the day. These eggs are quite distinguishable and so if we’re lucky and can retain indentification marks we’ll be able to follw them both through to their term. Generally the incubation period is 29-32 days but this will depend on whether there are any more to come, or whether Swift’s happy to settle in with these two. It’s been noticeable that she’s taken fair periods of time off the initial egg and this could be to slow down its incubation progress to time it more closely with any further arrivals so they can hatch as closely together as possible.  Fingers crossed for more…

[ video clips – Swift laying her 2nd egg , Beau visiting Swift after sun-up , the first 2 eggs exposed , ledge view interaction between Swift and Beau ]

Swift's 2014 egg number 2
Swift’s 2014 egg number 2
2014 eggs, so far
2014 eggs, so far
Egg number 2 showing safe and warm
Egg number 2 showing safe and warm

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  1. Congrats from Canada as well Scott. Here is hoping for a banner successful year for Beau & Swift; they so much deserve it !!

    1. Hi Kinderchick,
      Great to hear from you again. Yes, it’s exciting times once more, long days on the cameras and riding out every movement and action. How have you been doing up north there?

  2. I’m so pleased for them – my fingers are tightly crossed that they successfully breed this season. Watching for a third egg now.

    1. Hi Clare,
      Swift seems to have settled in to an incubation routine so we’re wondering if this means the egg count is now complete or whether she’s just trying to stay warm! Today was a warm Spring day here and the nights are not freezing right now so it’s good timing for Swift to be stuck in the eyrie overnight.

  3. I came here to ask when Swift sneaked that third egg in 😀
    Thanks Skygirlblue for answering it even before I asked 😉

  4. Hi Skygirlblue & fancy meeting you in Australia (wink) I agree, Scott needs to do an update real soon; at least before egg #4, if we are to be so fortunate. HAGN Evy1 & TC

    1. Hi all,
      I’m away from campus on another job today but will be straight over to campus soon as I can (about an hour’s time, from this comment). Thanks to all for keeping an eye out for eggs – what a team effort! Fantastic news for us all. Question now is, will she stop there?! Keep an eye out for Beau – he only has a “2-egg undercarriage” and will be amusing to watch him trying to take charge with 3 eggs underneath; the classic awkward peregrine. Fingers crossed this year he doesn’t crush anything nor fly off with egg stuck to his chest again. Pics and video clips up shortly…

  5. Many congratulations to the happy couple – let’s hope Beau has more luck incubating three eggs than he did last year. I so hope that Swift and Beau have something to show for all their effort this time around.

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