Rain returns to Orange

For the first period in a long time Orange is experiencing some real rain, which is great for the farmers, wildlife, empty dams across the countryside and kids who like to jump in puddles, but it’s put a dampener on activites up the tower for the peregrines. Grass has become green again, gardens have come back to life, and Beau and Swift have been appearing on the ledge through the swathes of horizontal rain showers, looking both bedraggled and bemused at the dramatic change in climatic conditions. Rest assured both birds are looking healthy, and if recent sightings are accurate there may also be a younger peregrine hanging around. A few days ago Beau was seen circling the tower before heading north at high speed to intercept what looked like a much younger peregrine swooping across campus. We can’t confirm nor positively identify, of course, without being able to band our previous fledglings, but Cilla has spotted evidence in some video clips over the last couple of weeks of “intruders”. Soon as we can obtain a good clip of these intrusions we’ll post it.

During the big dry Swift spent some time resting in the eyrie but since the rains have come she’s only back briefly before heading out once more. Beau returns occasionally but never stays and doesn’t appear to be bringing food with him.

It’s good news for Beau and Swift, and it’s good news for the Project itself.

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  1. It’s good to know you’re getting some rain – wish you could take some of ours as we’ve had a ridiculous amount here! Interesting to read about the intruder – we thought it was a kestrel as we saw some reddish colouring in its feathers. You certainly had a kestrel sitting on the ledge earlier this year.

    Many thanks for updating us – it’s always appreciated.

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