Some internal excitement

Beau and Swift have been keeping company with us around campus over the last few days, seemingly unaffected by this recent intense heat spell, appearing randomly at most times of the day. Good to see them both in fairly good health. Indeed the end of last week we saw an impressive aerial display by both birds in fending off an intruder at very high altitude. Upon hearing the aggravated cries from way up we witnessed both birds circling campus a few thousand feet up, trying to box in an unidentified white intruder who had strayed between them. Luckily the intruder was allowed to pass, at which time Beau shot down to the eyrie to ensure no other unwelcome visitors had arrived.

The main excitement for the Project this week has been the upgrading of our internal Milestone surveillance server hardware after plenty of testing and successful trials. This newer computer will ease the strain on the use of internal CPU processors (the old unit was running at just on 100% capacity 24/7!). Initial tests for Cilla and myself show much quicker connection time to the server archives and hopefully more reliable video and photo clips. It will make Cilla’s life easier in researching behavioural and feeding habits. It’s all internal excitement for us but it’s another big step forward in our current technical capability.

There’s talk that we’ll be participating with a stall at this year’s ExperienceOrange Expo on Sunday 16th March, downtown, after a previous appearance a few years ago. A great way to get out in to the community again and show the locals whats really going on here! Will keep you posted.

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  1. Thanks Scott ~~ Great to hear Beau & Swift are doing fine. ~~ Keep up the good work with the new equipment, it appears to be working fine. ~~ Good luck at the Orange Expo, it will be w great promotional tool. ~~ Will check back in here often. = Great site !!

  2. I would imagine your stall at the Expo will be the highlight of the whole thing with stars like Swift and Beau – I do hope you attend. I wish someone would hurry up and invent teleportation so I could see you all there.

  3. 2014 02 13 – 4:45 PM camera time. The bird here now must be Beau. It is smaller & thinner than the one I seen yesterday (Swift). Hope Beau can get a little weight / bulk back soon, he looks so sad. 🙁

  4. Hi all. Please can you advise if Swift is ok, as I have not seen her at the nest box for over 36 hrs and have not seen Beau at all.

    Many thanks

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