The tower keepers

From early this morning a good pic of Beau and Swift guarding the tower. The clouds cleared briefly and the view from up there, about 50 metres above the ground, is outstanding so these two peregrines rule the roost (so to speak!).


On another note, after 9 years working on Orange campus, and the whole 8 years involved with FalconCam Project, I’m leaving the employ of CSU and heading off to greener pastures, but thanks entirely to Phil Roy, the Exec Director of the DIT Division (and a long-time follower of the Project) I will be able to continue admin and maintenance of the Project, albeit in a limited fashion. So basically as long as the cameras keep running, and the servers keep recording and streaming, there will be no change to the output of the Project, and its research capability and results. Cilla will continue research in to behaviour and feeding patterns and the peregrines will continue to rule the skies above , maintaining their silent vigil across the city of Orange. Keep the comments coming and thankyou to everybody who’s stuck with us over the many years, our contributors, our supporters, our regular viewers, the local media outlets, to DIT and to our whole team for putting this amazing Project together!


A very wet peregrine!
A very wet peregrine!

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