Camera page tests causing live feed problems

In an attempt to shorten the sometimes long buffering times on the live camera feeds for external viewers we made some technical changes today, which don’t appear to have fixed the problem. Apologies to all viewers for the loss of vision but we hope to have the feeds back to the original pages by tomorrow.

[Ed. – cameras reverted and working again – apologies!]

It’s quiet up the tower with a little peregrine interaction, lots of sleep for Swift, and some high-speed fly-pasts by male falcon Beau. We still have about a month’s window for any possible 2nd mating, but the two birds aren’t showing too much enthusiasm just at the moment!

Finally there’s rain predicted for a few days this weekend, so we should see some improvement in conditions outside.

Beau taking a breather

One thought

  1. because i enjoy watching the falcons, i just wait for cam to come on, i do not find it a problem.but i understand that that is just me talking!! have been watching swift sleeping. move and sleep some more.
    thank you for these cams. bb

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