Nervous step-grandparents…..

Orange is experiencing its first decent rainfall for a long time – great for the farms, crops, gardens etc. The downside  is that it’s brought a lightning storm along for the ride, and with a nearby hit just minutes ago we’re awaiting another direct hit on the tower itself. And to make things even more nervy we’re watching Beau sitting on the microwave dish around the side, in the rain, oblivious to the imminent threat of getting hot feet and the real chance of the tower conductor about 15 feet from him being used to earth the sky to the ground!! We can’t find a broom big enough to scare him away!! The tower conductor was hit 5 years ago when Swift was sitting on her first egg (raised in this eyrie anyway), 3 days before little Migii hatched; how anyone survived up there that day we don’t know, but Migii was a healthy, happy and well-fed eyas, much to everybody’s surprise.

Apologies for problems in opening the photos -just noticed the issue. Also have same problem loading up new photos in the back-end. We’ll have that fixed soon as we find a new photo gallery module!

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  1. Thanks for the update, Scott – it’s good to know you’re finally getting rain though not so good about the lighting. I do hope our lovely birds will be OK. Is it the lightning which is affecting the live stream so badly? We’re still struggling to get a picture on either camera.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Clare et al,
      The live camera software is still running in a testing stage but we also have some of the University’s IT staff researching in their spare time a variety of different technoloiges to try to improve current response and reliability. Some good options would cost us more than we can cover and we’re also trying to steer away from Adobe Flash Player-based apps, as Android and other operating systems don’t like Flash anymore. We’ll keep working on this as being a priority. We also badly need to upgrade both our server computers – the in-house surveillance server as well as the streaming server platforms. Improving their performance may indeed help us with the streaming results too.
      Thanks for sticking with us!!

  2. Good news for the thirsty land and wildlife, not such good news for the safety of our dear perries. What a roller-coaster!

  3. Many thanks for your response, Scott – I can certainly appreciate your needing to keep the costs down. Please pass my thanks on to the IT staff.

    It would be impossible to not stick with you – Swift and Beau are such characters and it’s lovely watching them (when we can!).

  4. Re FLASH ON ANDROID – would-be viewers can use Puffin browser, which plays Flash – there’s a free version with ads, I think, but the ad-free version doesn’t cost much.

    One can also install Adobe Flash on Android but I haven’t gone that route as I’m newish to smartphones, which may be a technology too far for me in my old age 😉


    Could anyone tell me if it is usual for a female to spend so much time on the scrape if she does not intend to breed?

    As Clare said, thank you and keep up the good work!

    scylla x

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