The long southern winter, and malware…

As most of our viewers have noticed we’ve had a really fun run of utterly pointless malware in the back end of the website, which has ultimately affected the website viewing experience for just about everyone. Nothing malicious – just one of those avoidable nuisances. We’re now working with a professional security company to avoid the problems of the past and appear to have finally cleared ourselves of the rubbish that some random, under-utilised brains have encumbered us with.

We’ve requested Google to clear us once more of their extremely annoying and somewhat useless website blocking tactics, and hope now that they’ll leave us alone to get on with what we’ve been doing best – bringing to you our observations of Beau and Swift, and their ongoing lives up the Concrete Hilton, on Orange campus.

You’ll also notice we’ve updated the look of the website to something more modern. In doing this we’ve noticed that the capability to leave comments has been turned off so as soon as we’re able to we’ll repair this feature as well (Ed.- you can leave comments by going in to the post itself!), but in the mean time we hope that routines will return to normal very soon…. especially with the exciting news of this, our 6th observed breeding season’s eggs, underway as we speak (write).

Also problematic has been the issue that both Cilla and myself have been overseas for extended periods recently, and consequently access to the website for maintenance, the cameras, the surveillance/recording systems etc have been interrupted. We should both be back on deck now, and the most exciting news is that the recently purchased Axis 3384 camera which will replace the very old ledge camera view is up and running, and initial tests have provided us with stunning quality results, both during the day and at night. Stay tuned – the new ledge camera isn’t far away now!

Apologies once more to our devoted viewers – I think we’re on top of all the troubles this time!….. and now it’s over to our peregrine falcons once more…..


Beau 6th season 12-9-2013Beau on remaining 2 eggs

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  1. So glad to hear that things are finally up & running “down under”, Scott & Cilla! I was beginning to be concerned that I may have lost contact with your Recovery Project given all of the malware issues that you’ve been going through these past few months. Can you please give all of us an update on the status of Beau & her eggs? How many has she laid altogether this season? And when were they laid? I see in your photo that she only has 2 remaining eggs. How long has she been incubating & when are her eggs expected to hatch? Here’s hoping for another successful season for you. I wish you all the best from us up here in Winnipeg, Canada.

  2. Yikes, my mistake – I think I referred to Beau as being the female in my last post, when I actually was referring to Swift. I guess the photo of Beau, the male, threw me off a bit. LOL!

  3. Well, Google tried to put me off only once this time 😉
    (Could be a browser cache thing I guess)
    I like the new look of this page with the Peregrine blue-grey background.
    There were three eggs Kathy, laid on August 27, 30 and September 2 (Australian time and date).
    On September 6 one egg was rolled out of the scrape and the next day it was gone, disposed of or eaten by a parent.

  4. I noticed that the link to the Derby Cathedral Peregrine project is not working any more. It was changed earlier this year I believe.
    New link to webcam(s):

    And you might like to take a look at the facebook page of Emily & Frederick, a pair of Peregrine Falcons nesting in a planter outside the kitchen of Robyn Hills in Caloundra:
    Can you imagine to have this in front of your window? I would camp in the kitchen for months and get nothing else done I think 😉

  5. Thank you for the updated info re: Swift, Beau & eggs, Ingrid!
    Yes, Google has also tried to dissuade me from this website as well. Too bad. I hope that other viewers will persevere and not be put off.

  6. WOW ! ! ! The new ledge cam is just amazing!
    Now we can see the falcons coming in from far away.

    And good news about this page; no blocking by Google, no warnings about malware any more, problem finally solved. Hip hip hurray!

  7. Great view with the new ledge cam! And I am no longer having difficulties with Google warnings of malware either, Ingrid. I wonder why Scott is no longer giving us regular updates of Swift & Beau?

  8. Very sad that a second egg is gone. I saw a video and it appears to me to be empty, more or less.

    Possibly infertile and collapsed. Swift ate the remains, waste not, want not.
    Keeping talons crossed for the last egg, let’s hope at least one egg will hatch.

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