The ups and downs of peregrines breeding

We’re getting back on track now, and none too soon for Season 6 in observing our local peregrine falcons, Beau and Swift, at the Orange campus of  Charles Sturt University. Lots of software upgrades, a new camera upgrade and plenty of catching up to do!

Current status up in the Concrete Hilton:

27th August saw the arrival of the first new egg

2nd Sept saw the completion of this season’s laying with a total of 3 eggs, and roughly the commencement of dedicated incubation by both Beau and Swift.

6th Sept unfortunately saw the destruction of the 3rd egg, which was cleaned up by Swift shortly afterwards

28 Sept saw another egg crushed and it appears the cuplrit has again been Beau in a clumsy attempt at helping out; we’re hanging on to this last egg now (figuratively!) in the hope that it hatches. Approximate incubation period for these peregrines averages between 29 and 33 days, so any time from now on we’re hoping for some good news up the tower.

We’ll post more new videos via this website shortly.

More great news – our brand new Axis 3384 ledge camera is up & running and available to see via the streaming web page at this location. Image quality is stunning, and now provides us with a far better chance at identifying prey and food, as well as seeing better flying/approach angles. Shortly we’ll hook this up to the Milestone recording server as well, and will be invaluable once this final eyas begins to spend time near the ledge.

Along with big surveillance server software upgrades we’re able to provide much more detailed and coloured imagery than ever before. Thank you to all our contributors and supporters for their donations over the past couple of years!! As always we’re constantly testing new ways of doing things and improving on our results.

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  1. Great to have an update from you, Scott! But sorry that Swift & Beau are down to one egg. Here’s hoping for the best news of a hatch in the next few days… Love the new ledge cam!

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